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Sash Windows Restoration

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Old, rotten or tired Sash Windows are a disadvantage for period homes both aesthetically and costly. Without being treated draughts can cost you lots of heat loss and hundreds off your energy bills.

At AP Joinery we provide a complete traditional restoration service for both Sash and Wooden Windows bringing them back to life with our detailed work lasting for years to come. 

Our traditional joiners have worked on all types of windows on both modern and period properties around the country. We enjoy giving our customers a bespoke service that is unique to their needs and the beauty of the property.

Draft Proofing & Balancing Wood Windows

As many of us know timber windows both sash and casements are notorious for being draughty letting in the brisk cold air especially in the winter.


Our team help you combat this by installing new beading and housed brushed proof sections both on each individual sash window, or around the perimeter of the casements windows to ensure the windows remain draft free, don't rattle. 

Combat drafts and the cost of rising energy bills with new draft proofing throughout your home.


"I cannot praise enough the standard and quality of the craftmanship that restored our 1813 bay window to it's former glory. The service was prompt, efficient with minimum disruption to our commercial premises. Adam and Luke were available at all times for any queries and kept us up to date with all the arrangements. I have no hesitation in recommending this company for any restoration work. 5 star quality."

- Susan Fuccio

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