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Customer Reviews & Feedback


Feedback from our Clients Sash Window Restorations & Home Renovations.

Wood Work
AP Joinery - Cromwell House, Beeston .jpg

Sayna, Nottingham

"It was good to see the detailed level of Quote that AP Joinery were able to provide. The team were really good at keeping me updated and explaining the things they were working on and what's coming up next."

AP Joinery - Flamingo House, Ruddington .jpg

Dr Arshad, Ruddington

"My neighbour across the road used AP Joinery. They came and spent a lot of time on my windows. Lots was rotten and they replaced it with a like for like design, with a lot of care and attention."

AP Joinery - Main Street, Wilford .jpg

Tim, Wilford Village

"We heard of AP Joinery and the work they've done with listed buildings. The Quote I got was so highly detailed of exactly what was going to be done. They are young people that have a real enthusiasm for their work!"

Sanding Machine
AP Joinery - The Meadows .jpg

Jim, Nottingham

"Really great job, I am so pleased with the result. The lads were excellent, friendly and gave me confidence in the work. The carpenters were very skilled, and Victor the painter was superb. There was a slight blemish at the end of the job, but they came back to put it right within a day. In fact they seemed to be on a mission to get it perfect for me as a customer. There are other cheaper services out there of course, but in this case I got what I paid for, i.e. rather than a botch job having to be redone in a years time - this will last for ages, and they give a guarantee too. Highly recommend."

AP Joinery Group _edited.jpg

Maria Ryan

"Very pleased with the work done by AP Joinery. Everyone I spoke to and interacted with was professional and courteous. They arrived on time, knew what they were doing, got the job done quickly, and I’m pleased with the results."

AP Joinery ( 3 Meadow Ct, Moreland St, Nottingham NG2 3GS) .jpg

Libby Sullivan

"I live in a really old property in the village of Ruddington, my house is over 200 years old. The windows were in desperate need of some TLC, every winter or when it was raining heavily I was always quite panicked that one day they would simply fall out. I also needed a new front door as the house has always been very cold in the winter and my heating bills were huge. I searched for a long while to find the right people for the job. Adam came to the property and spoke at great length exactly what needed to be done and I felt inspired by his depth of knowledge and expertise. I cannot thank them enough!! If anything needs doing in the future I will not hesitate to call them."

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