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Single to Double Glazing Nottingham

Single to double glazing in Nottingham, AP renovations are here to help you.

Double glazing is proven to have better heat retention. Double glazed windows have a small gap between their two panes of glass. This gap acts as an insulative barrier.


Due to the thickness of double glazing windows, they are more durable and long lasting.

Thermal Efficient

Some homes with single glazed windows will often become cold in the winter and even too hot in the summer. This then impacts higher energy costs, whether it’s blasting the air-conditioning in the summer or turning up the heating in the winter.

Noise Pollution

The single pane of glass does not do enough to keep out the noise, especially if you live in a built up area or near main transport routes


Single glazed windows have become known to be linked with condensation. There is nothing stopping the glass getting cold on the inside in winter.

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